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  • Added by: shv @ 10 May 2020 06:01
    ShuvoGronththo-2008, HE, the Parabola, The Monadics, the Mundane Songs and others
    The Dedication is to the Graciousness of the Almighty Creator who blessed us with so many blesses like the Eternal Maternity and the Souls sharing and caring for the salvation of all the beings. Prelude of the presenter and copyright owner HE came and gave some of the art-works for preserving and serving to the extent possible. HE spoke, as simple like anyone, about some of the inclinations about those art-labours, and about the dedication line. Close to those inclinations the preparations were done to serve them in a frame before you. And the way all these grew, you knew too, as that’s nothing new to be known by few. May this bilingual presentation bridge the positive souls and minds, of different landscapes of the very same earth, that find anywhere in the life-flow the promises and ties to grow and let others grow. And the show-pin is a gift as was inclined. The Parabola and cive„Ë was inclined to be spread through like a canvas. wkï evsjv, hyev evsjv, evsjvi gv, cÖvš—-wgZv, iƒcK_vi AYyMí ,The Monadics, The Mundane Songs, Uni-Meditation, to be in booklet form. He revived some of the Drvidian drawings of collective-meditation (contained in Uni-Meditation) and requested all to search for the others, the samples of that collection were also inclined to be presented in booklets. There are episodes or parts in Bangla which were kept as it were for the sake of serving and preserving the art-works in their original form. All the literary ...

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